The Self-Compassion in Psychotherapy Community

We build community during the SCIP Program through supportive discussion and facilitated small groups.

In facilitated Small Groups, you will explore the wonderful intersection of therapeutic orientation, academic background and knowledge, and the practical reality of clinical work as they relate to your development as a self-compassionate therapist. Your MSC-trained group leader will guide you in the journey of implementing self-compassion in your presence, clinical relationships, and interventions.

Learn with fellow SCIP participants from around the world in weekly breakout sessions to process and integrate the material in an intimate learning setting.

After SCIP, you will be invited to join a virtual graduate community to continue to share and build experience with self-compassion based psychotherapy.

Purpose: A creative, collaborative, and supportive environment for psychotherapists (and those in training) from around the globe, to strengthen their self-care and deepen and enrich their professional work and their clients’ therapeutic experience and results through self-compassion practice.

Vision: To create a large and vibrant community of psychotherapists that is accessible, informative, and content-rich, and supports the members in deepening their practice of self-compassion, their appreciation for its role in psychotherapy, and their application of self-compassion in their professional activities.

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